Supplemental Training at IMDC

Supplemental Training is always available as private lessons or small group training. Email Michelle at for more information. Group classes will resume October 2023. Watch for more details!



1 HOUR – $60.00

45 MINUTES – $50.00

30 MINUTES – $40.00


“I first started my private lessons with Ms. Elizabeth a little over a year ago, in the summer after seventh grade. Before I had begun these lessons, I had pretty much no flexibility. Ms. Elizabeth helped me and inspired me to improve immensely on flexibility, and I did with her help! Everytime I have a private lesson with her, she gives me stuff to work on and encourages me to work on it at home, and I do. Ms. Elizabeth has helped me go from no flexibility, to having my right and left over-splits and more areas of flexibility highly improved. I love working with her and I don’t think I will ever be able to thank her enough for all that she has done for me.” – Kaylee Parrish, 17