Pointe Shoe Explanations & Sewing


Do not assume that the best pair for you is the type you currently wear. Try on as many pairs as possible. As you grow and get stronger, your feet change, so you may find that another brand or style may be better suited for you at this time. Visit Carolina Dancewear in Greensboro to be fitted. Your Pointe shoe fitter will know what to look for, but our recommendations are the following…

BRANDS TO AVOID: Gaynor Minden, Gamba

PREFERRED BRANDS: Bloch, Capezio, Grishko, Suffolk

* It is important that you can get all the way onto your box. If you have having trouble getting all the way over, try a shoe with a lower vamp or a softer shank. VERY IMPORTANT – After you purchase your shoes, make sure to have them checked by Ms. Michelle. Please email her at inmotiondance@aol.com to set up a time to have them checked.


Dancers can choose from one of the following toe pad options:

  • Loose lambswool
  • Lambswool toe pads
  • Bunheads Pro Pads


Each pair of shoes will be sewn using 4 elastics and 4 ribbons. We are only suggesting that dancers or their moms sew their own pointe shoes. We have had many tailors sew pointe shoes wrong; therefore, IMDC is not making further recommendations on where or who to have the shoes sewn. Please use the video tutorial below to learn how to properly sew your pointe shoes.

Video Sewing Tutorial: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2pj0fi3rwrozwvp/Pointe%20Shoe%20Sewing%20Tutorial%20%281%29.mp4?dl=0