Merchandise & Supplies

Children Tank or Camisole Style 13.95 Pink, purple, blue & black
Child Short-Sleeve with Attached Skirt 18.95 Pink
Adult Tank Style 18.00 Pink, purple, blue & black
Adult Camisole Leotard 18.00 Black
Children Footed 9.25 Pink
Children Convertible 12.25 Pink & tan
Adult Footed 13.50 Pink, tan & black
Adult Convertible 13.50 Pink & tan
Adult Ballet Skirts 18.95 Blue & black
Hair Bun Cover 11.95 Pink, blue & purple
Tap Ties to Secure Tap Shoes 2.00 Black
Lambs Wool for Pointe Shoes 5.00
Jazz Pants
Children Bootleg Cotton/Lycra Stretch 18.00 Black
Jazz Shorts
Children Jazz Short Screenprinted with “IMDC” 16.00 Black
Adult Jazz Short Screenprinted with “IMDC” 18.00 Black